Sep 21, 2018

Physical Education (Gym) Teacher

  • Advanced Educational Staffing
  • Advanced Educational Staffing, West 10 Mile Road, Southfield, MI, USA
Full time Teacher - Elementary Teacher - Middle School

Job Description

I Position summary:

This position is responsible for the Physical Educational Health Program. The incumbent must provide the students of Old Redford Academy with the instructional tools needed to develop the necessary skills that are required to successfully meet the State of Michigan Education requirements.

II Major Duties:

  • Curriculum development:
  • Align instructional methods/practices with curriculum as prescribed in School Improvement Planning.
  • Align curriculum with GLCE or Content Expectations.
  • Incorporate the writing process with lesson plans.
  • Incorporate the writing process within lesson plans.
  • Instruction:
  • Validate principles of teaching. Learning must be delineated understood and applied to ensure that students comprehend.
  • Differentiates lessons to meet all students’ needs within the classroom formatted with district expectations.
  • Align long-range plans and lesson plans with the objectives of the state requirements.
  • Ensure a safe and productive climate for learning to occur.
  • Use a variety of instructional methods and resources to meet differing learning styles and abilities.
  • Integrate technology into curriculum delivery.
  • Focuses classroom time on teaching and learning.
  • Link instruction to real-life situations of students.
  • Follows a consistent schedule and maintains procedures/routines.
  • Handles administrative tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Maintains momentum within and across lessons.
  • Sets clearly articulated high expectations for self and students.
  • Stresses student responsibility and accountability.
  • Carefully links learning objectives and activities.
  • Organize content for effective presentation.
  • Consider students attention span and learning styles when designing lessons.
  • Develops objectives, questions, and activities that reflect higher and lower level cognitive skills appropriate for the content and the students.
  • Evaluation:
  • Establish curriculum goals and objectives, periodically access the instructional process to determine whether or not goals are met.
  • Track and monitor students progress view and evaluate student’s physical health condition.
  • Serve as a proctor for standardized testing.
  • Make timely referrals for intervention or retention, when necessary.
  • Analyze student data (informal, formal standardize assessment) and adjust instruction to meet student goals.
  • Develop appropriate assessments to measure individual student progress.
  • Must maintain health file for each student.
  • Must contact parent when students are not prepared to participate in class activities.
  • Organization:
  • Organize classroom day-to-day functions that support mission and school expectation.
  • Handles routine tasks promptly, efficiently, consistently.
  • Prepares materials in advance ready to use.
  • Organizes classroom space efficiently.
  • Demonstrate effective classroom management that fosters mutual respect and reflects student expectations outlined in school handbook.
  • Uses consistent and proactive discipline.
  • Establishes routines for daily tasks and needs.
  • Orchestrates smooth transitions and continuity of classroom momentum.
  • Balances variety and challenge in student activities.


  • Is aware of all activities in the classroom.
  • Classroom management:
  • Interprets and responds to inappropriate behavior promptly.
  • Implements rules of behavior fairly and consistently.
  • Reinforces and reiterates expectations for positive behavior.
  • Uses appropriate disciplinary measures as prescribed by student code of conduct; such as placing student in hallway unsupervised.
  • Use positive language when addressing students.
  • Leadership:
  • Represent the mission of Old Redford Academy in an effective manner generating public support for the school’s program.
  • Role model for the moral and ethical growth and socialization of the children-essential for the building of their character and moral fibers.
  • Instill respect in students by consistently enforcing all school policies and procedures, in particular the dress code and student code of conduct.
  • Work with parents and citizens in resolving community issues; establish positive relationships that are in support of the school’s mission
  • Actively participate in all staff meetings, departmental meetings, in-service training, and parent/teachers conferences.
  • Meet regularly with other departmental members to coordinate curriculum delivery and discipline.
  • Develop positive parental relationships to support student achievement and school mission.
  • Actively participate in coordinating after school extra-curricular activities or instructional support programs.
  • Administrative Duties:
  • Maintain accurate attendance and grade books.
  • Attendance must be taken every hour for platoon classes.
  • Submit lesson plans as determined by building administrator.
  • Timely submit and maintain progress reports.
  • Prepare and submit timely report card markings.
  • Give clear, specific, and timely feedback to student’s parents/guardian.
  • Must participate in grade level and content level meetings.
  • Grades must be in skyward on a weekly basis.
  • Other Duties as Assigned:

Cooperate and professionally perform any tasks that are assigned, that will promote the mission statement of Old Redford Academy.

III Factors:

Factor 1: Supervisory control:

Works under the direct supervision of the Building

Administrator with guidance and direction from the

Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of Academics Affairs.

Factor 2: Scope of authority:

All issues or concerns regarding educating the children.

Factor 3: Qualification:

Highly qualified according to state and

Federal requirements obtain and maintain

Teacher certification.

“The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance abuse in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the academy.’’





Citizenship Required


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