May 14, 2018

Principal K-8

  • EAS Schools/Southwest Detroit Community School
  • Southwest Detroit Community School, 29th Street, Detroit, MI, USA
Full time Administration - Principal

Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: Serves as the academic and administrative leader in accordance with EAS Schools’ values and the school’s mission, vision, values and policies while working in a manner that sets a standard of excellence in achieving goals. The Building Principal is a forward-focused leader working with their team to provide a transformative educational program to the students in their building.  He/She shall be responsible for all organization, administration, supervision, community relations, marketing, personnel, students and instruction in his/her building.    


The School Principal will be responsible for the successful delivery of academic instruction to the students (our customers) and efficient operation of the school.

The School Principal performance measures shall be:

  • Student achievement growth versus target
  • Customer satisfaction – primarily as measured by student and parent surveys
  • Financial results versus budget
  • Student attendance versus target
  • Enrollment levels versus target
  • Student retention versus target
  • Excellent, engaged team – staff retention and development



The School Principal will be responsible for:

Staff Personnel

  • Assist in acquiring, supervising and developing the building’s staff so that the educational and other programs of the building might be most effectively implemented.
  • Assess staffing needs, cooperate with Human Resources in recruiting and interviewing and making recommendations concerning employment.
  • Assign staff within the building to particular teaching or support positions.
  • Supervise and direct the evaluation of individuals assigned to the building.
  • Administer provisions of negotiated union contracts relative to the respective bargaining unit.
  • Administer provisions of the team member handbook to all staff not covered by the union contract.
  • Facilitating a staff leadership team to increase the achievement and engagement of every student through continuous improvement of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and culture in alignment with the mission and vision of the school.   


Curriculum and Instruction 

  • Maintain and improve the quality of the instructional program and school climate through being responsible for teacher implementation of the curriculum, through supervision of instruction and through assisting in the development of the instructional program for the district.
  • Provide leadership in establishing and implementing educational goals and objectives for the school and in evaluating the attainment of those goals and objectives.
  • Direct the planning of building level staff development activities and in-service day programs.
  • Participate and guide school level curriculum revision and textbook selection efforts.
  • Plan and effect an organizational framework to bring together the school’s staff, students, facilities and programs in an effective instructional program.
  • Provide ongoing and regular feedback to educational staff.
  • Manage the instructional coaches to ensure teachers meet professional expectations and teachers are supported in adjusting the curriculum according to student outcomes.
  • Drive curriculum and instructional decisions based on classroom, assessment, and observational data. 


School and Student Relations 

  • Provide leadership and support for services which will foster the well-being of students and provide for their individual needs.
  • Direct appropriate staff to establish, implement and perform behavior management systems which are consistent the school’s culture and the Board’s strategic plan.
  • Cooperate with other leadership team members in supporting programs, such as special education, that provide for the safety, emotional and physical well-being and enhanced educational opportunities for students.
  • Provide orientation for students new to the building.
  • Compile, secure and use student records in compliance with legal restraints and district policies.


Community and Family Relations 

  • Foster and maintain effective two-way communication between the community.
  • Organize and meet with PTO and other such advisory groups.
  • Direct the release of information about the school through newsletters, meetings, newspapers, parent groups and other appropriate communication techniques.
  • Present or supervise the presentation of reports to the Board of Education as directed by the Superintendent.
  • Develop relationships with individuals and community groups which foster support for school goals, objectives and programs.
  • Cultivate the vision of the school with all stakeholders.


Enrollment and Marketing

  •  Conduct and supervise marketing of school; actively recruit families to ensure full enrollment.
  • Ensure all aspects of the enrollment management-marketing program for the Academy are executed. (which may include open houses, individual visits and tours for families, group tours, or information nights.)
  • Act as an ambassador for SWDCS to parents and the community.

Management (finance, facilities, etc. related items)

  •  Compliance with state required fire drills, lockdowns, tornado drills and parent/teacher progress conferences.
  • Review and recommendations regarding budget items for the Academy.
  • Supervise the operation of the building, equipment, and business procedures in ways that enhance the overall program.
  • Direct custodial staff to insure the proper cleanliness and safety of the facilities.
  • Assess the general condition and needs of the building and grounds and report them to the Director of Facilities.
  • Prepare and implement a budget which will adequately support school programs with Director of Finance/Finance team.
  • Attend and present at board meetings.

 Professional Development

  •  Serve as the instructional leaders to meet the school related goals.
  • Work closely with each individual team member (both instructional and non-instructional) to assist and guide them with the development of their professional development goal which align with school goals and allow for opportunities for staff to meet those individual goals.
  • Develop and maintain professional and personal skills and knowledge needed to provide effective leadership as a building principal.
  • Participate in local, state, and national professional organizations.
  • Visit programs in other schools and attend educational conferences and in-services.
  • Read current professional literature.





Level of Education

Master Degree

Experience Level

5+ to 7 Years

Citizenship Required


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