Feb 22, 2018

Family Service Worker

  • Timbuktu Academy
  • Timbuktu Academy
Full time Administration - Dean Support Staff

Job Description

Title:  Family Service Worker


Qualifications:  Bachelor of Arts, Masters preferred from an accredited college or university in social work, counseling or related field; experience working with children and families; effective communication skills; the ability to work with diverse people.


Reports To:  Superintendent-Principal


Principle Tasks: To help students and families make the best use of available opportunities and resources and to fully develop each student's individual potential. The Family Service Worker brings to the educational process an understanding of the psychosocial development of children and the influences of family, community, and cultural differences as they interact with the educational process. Further, the School Social Worker provides the necessary professional skills to assist students and communities in problem solving and conflict resolution in a safe and healthy manner.


Performance Responsibilities:


Direct Services with students

  1. Carries out Vision, Mission, and Values of Timbuktu Academy
  2. In meeting school goals
    1. Participates in the overall self-assessment process
    2. Ensures implementation of age appropriate curriculum to nurture and stimulate the psycho social, cognitive and cultural needs of the children in their care
  3. Coordinate Child Study meetings
  4. Participate in the assessment of student needs
  5. Promote regular school attendance
  6. Conduct home visits, when necessary
  7. Promote safe, caring, and drug free schools
  8. Empowerment of/advocacy for students
  9. Provide appropriate services for homeless students
  10. Provide individual counseling and facilitate group counseling
  11. Promote self-esteem, anger management, impulse control, social skills training, substance abuse prevention, provide crisis intervention services
  12. Participate in the evaluation of special education placements
  13. Participate in the development of behavioral modification plans, Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA), and Supportive Intervention Plans (SIP)
  14. Give referrals to community agencies
  15. Participate in transition planning for students
  16. Report suspected child abuse/neglect


Direct Services with Families/Communities

  1. Promote parental involvement in the schools
  2. Promote parental involvement in school conferences
  3. Promote parental responsibility for regular school attendance
  4. Empowerment of/advocacy for families
  5. Provide crisis intervention services
  6. Refer to community agencies
  7. Facilitate parent groups
  8. Assist families with the interpretation of school policies and procedures


School Community

  1. Collaborate with community agencies
  2. Collaborate with support personnel within the school
  3. Participate in case conferences with other school specialists
  4. Participate in the identification and resolution of school-wide/community needs
  5. Serve as a liaison between the school/family/community
  6. Serve on school-based committee meetings
  7. Serve on the school Crisis Team to promote a safe school environment
  8. Promote a safe, caring, and drug free school environment


Program Planning and Evaluation

  1. Conduct individual and/or system-wide surveys to assess the school and/or community needs
  2. Implement appropriate programs, groups and initiatives to target at-risk populations (according to the assessment)
  3. Plan individual school and/or system-wide programs to promote a positive and caring school climate
  4. Collaborate with community agencies to coordinate services within the school system


Consultation and Education

  1. Preventive interventions
  2. Classroom management
  3. Child abuse and neglect
  4. Mental health and emotional impairments
  5. Family and psychosocial functioning
  6. Parent involvement
  7. Maintenance of caring, safe and drug-free learning environments
  8. Identification of barriers to educational achievement






Level of Education

4 Year Degree

Experience Level

1+ to 2 Years

Citizenship Required


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