Feb 22, 2018

School Principal-Timbuktu Academy

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Administration - Principal Administration - Superintendent

Job Description

Qualifications:    Minimally a Masters in Education, Ph.D. or equivalent communication skills; as well as the ability to research, develop and write educational tools/curriculum from an Community centered perspective.  Knowledge and experience in K-12 performance based assessments; staff training; staff accountability methodology; and integration of technology and instruction.  Have the ability to work collaboratively with staff, parents, and community.  Possess ability to motivate staff to   improve performance.  Be knowledgeable about developing trends in K-12 education. 



Job Goal:          To improve student learning and educational outcomes. Oversight, continued development and implementation of all educational programs and project. 


Performance Responsibilities:

  • Work with instructional staff to design curriculum and assess progress.
  • Schedule professional staff development.
  • Review and instruct instructor’s on teaching and classroom management.
  • Coalition building with educational partners.
  • Communicate with Board of Directors.
  • Network with local administrators about resources
  • Attend all relevant external meetings with MAPSA, DPS, Wayne Resa, MDE and other educational agencies.
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings.
  • Oversee work on School improvement plan.
  • Work to improve standardized test scores for MSTEP and NWEA
  • Assess current programs and do research to determine ways for improvement.
  • Research and find tools that can be for assessment of students.
  • Evaluate teaching staff and instructional programs
  • Promote an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of and inclusion in a global society.
  • Ensure and promote a safe/healthy learning environment.
  • Select classroom textbooks, software, table games, periodicals, etc.
  • Select staff development materials.
  • Process any reports required by The Board of Directors, DPS, Wayne Resa, and MDE.
  • It is an essential function of your job to be able to communicate effectively, get along with co-workers, and deal with colleagues, parents, and students effectively and professionally.
  • Inform Board of the school's operation by contributing to the preparation of Board agendas, providing oral and written communication, scheduling management team committee meetings, and requesting special Board meetings that become necessary to keep the Board properly informed
  • Ensure that all aspects of the school's operation comply with State laws and regulations, as well as Board contracts and policies
  • Establish and maintain any written educational plan that may be required by law and consistent with the educational goals adopted by the Board
  • Ensure proper implementation of the current academy-wide instructional plan
  • Strive to increase the efficient use of resources in the daily operations of the Academy
  • Assign staff to achieve the maximum benefit toward the attainment of educational goals
  • Evaluate the progress of the professional and support staff
  • Analyze the results of instructional program development as it applies to the Board’s educational goals
  • Recommend changes in instructional or staffing patterns based on an analysis of staff and program progress
  • Work with staff to assure that the decision-making process includes participation of the school's  parents, students and others associated 
  • Work cooperatively with parents and community groups concerned with programs at the Academy
  • Develop personal capabilities in personnel strategies and facility management
  • Work cooperatively with the Board and administrative staff
  • Strive toward the highest standards of personal conduct
  • Perform such other duties as the CEO may direct





Level of Education

Master Degree

Experience Level

1+ to 2 Years

Citizenship Required


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