Feb 22, 2018

6-12 Math Teacher

  • Advanced Technology Academy
  • Dearborn, MI, USA
Full time Teacher - Middle School Teacher - High School

Job Description

Position:         6-12 Math Education Teacher

Supervisor:    Principal and/or Other Designee


Description:   Provides instruction to all students to master the grade level and/or course                         standards assigned.


  • Teach and educate students according to guidelines provided by the Academy’ curriculum and any Federal, State, and/or Local requirements.
  • Teach and educate students according to the educational needs, abilities and attainment potential of individual students entrusted to his/her care by the Principal.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver differentiated lessons to all students in the class.
  • Teach according to the educational needs, abilities and achievement of the individual students and groups of students.
  • Utilize instructional methods as set forth by the Academy Curriculum Map, Principal, School Improvement Plan, Academic Leader, and/or other required method of the Academy that best serves all students.
  • Assigning work, correcting and marking work carried out by his/her students.
  • Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress, attainment and behavior of one’s students in PowerSchool in a timely manner.
  • Provide guidance and advice to students on educational and careers.
  • Communicate, consult and co-operate with other members of the school staff, including those having posts of special responsibility and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students.
  • Review and evaluate one’s own teaching and learning strategies, methodologies and programs and continue to set professional development goals.
  • Participating in In-Service education and training courses as well as in continuing professional development opportunities, and taking part in action research exercises.
  • Maintaining good order and discipline amongst students under one’s care and safeguarding their health and safety at all times.
  • Participating in staff, group or other meetings related to the school curriculum, for the better organization and administration of the school.
  • Contributing to the professional development of new teachers and student teachers according to arrangements.
  • Providing the necessary information and advice to the designated personnel in the school and/or College and to provide all the necessary information regarding requisitions and arrangements in connection with the teaching of the subject/s assigned to him/her.
  • Registering and monitoring the attendance of students under one’s care.
  • Sharing in any possible and reasonable way in the effective management, organization, order and discipline of the school.
  • Nurtures a culture where teachers view themselves essentially as facilitators of learning and reflective practitioners.
  • Participates in IEP and Individual Transition Plan (ITP) meetings.


  • Possess a valid Michigan teacher’s certificate with endorsements related to course / grade placement.
  • Bachelors Degree with a major in a specific education area or have earned credit in course work equivalent to that required for a major.
  • Flexibility is required to work with others in a variety of circumstances.
  • Ability to work as part of a team, communicating with students and working with general education teachers, staff, and administration.
  • Able to work under limited supervision following standardized practices and/or methods.
  • Must hold the MATHEMATICS (EX)  6-12 endorsement from MDE.










Level of Education

4 Year Degree

Experience Level

1+ to 2 Years

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