Feb 22, 2018

Classroom Teacher - Grade 4

  • Jefferson International Academy
  • Jefferson International Academy
Teacher - Elementary

Job Description

Position:                     Teacher

Reports to:                 Principal

Employed by:            HHG



Primary Responsibilities:

 Implement the curriculum through instructional activities that engage students in meaningful learning experiences.

 Select appropriate supplemental instructional materials as necessary to meet the needs of students with varying backgrounds, learning styles and special needs.

 Act as a contributing member of an assessment team to determine school level needs, goals, objectives and strategies.

 Engage in effective and efficient record keeping procedures.

 Provide a positive learning environment that facilitates student success.

 Demonstrate effective oral and written communication with students, parents and other peers on a regular basis.

 Collaborate with peers to improve instructional practices.

 Monitor student achievement using the ongoing assessment tools established by the school.

 Maintain a cooperative working relationship with students, peers and parents.

 Assume responsibility for meeting student and school performance goals.

 Perform other duties as assigned.


Education, Certifications and Work Related Experience Requirements:

 Bachelor’s degree or higher.

 Two years of successful teaching experience.

 Shall possess a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement(s) for all subject area(s) being taught.

 Must have evidence of meeting highly qualified requirements, as defined by No Child Left Behind.

 All skills required to meet the Teacher’s primary responsibilities including: strong work ethic, the ability to work with a team and strong communication skills.

 Successfully pass state and federal criminal background checks and unprofessional conduct inquiries.






Level of Education

4 Year Degree

Experience Level

Not Applicable

Citizenship Required


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