Jan 30, 2018

Special Education

  • Hanley Harper Group
  • Oak Park and Waterford
Full time Teacher - Special Education Support Staff

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Provide academic support to students assigned to caseload as per current Individualized
  • Educational Program (“IEP”) goals. Determine whether push-in or pull-out services (or
  • a combination thereof) will best meet the needs of the student.
  • Coordinate delivery of needed academic services with the general education Teacher.
  • Communicate weekly service schedule to all Teachers and Principal.
  • Prepare IEP-at-a-glance for each new student. When a new IEP is completed for an
  • existing student, forward the document electronically to the general education Teacher,
  • encore Teacher(s), teachers in the Title I area and the school Principal.
  • Compile the draft version of the IEP document in advance of the scheduled meeting
  • (including incorporation of auxiliary staff’s PLAAFP statements, goals/objectives and
  • service hours). Following the IEP meeting, complete the Notice Form, make any
  • necessary changes to the document and obtain Principal’s signature.
  • Send finalized copy of IEP and related documents to parents. Provide a copy of
  • paperwork to ancillary staff for their records.
  • Facilitate IEP meetings in conjunction with auxiliary staff. Serve as a member of the
  • Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team for 3-year reevaluations.
  • Provide IEP Goal(s) progress update for each student in the second, fourth and sixth
  • phases (for academic goals only).
  • Conduct assessments of each student for annual IEPs, MAP testing cycles, MEAP
  • testing, Phase Reports, etc.
  • Review assessment results to determine whether or not student is receiving adequate
  • Make changes to scheduling as needed based on student needs. Process
  • amendment(s) to IEP when services are needed or removed, when a goal needs to be
  • changed, etc.
  • Maintain logs of communication with parents.
  • Advise general education staff regarding interventions, accommodations and
  • Serve as an ad-hoc member to Child Study Team.
  • Other duties as assigned by Principal or designate.










Education, Certifications and Work Related Experience Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Shall possess a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate
  • endorsement(s) for all subject area(s) being taught.
  • Must have evidence of meeting highly qualified requirements, as defined by No Child
  • Left Behind.
  • Minimum five years of successful teaching experience.
  • Proficient in use of technology as it relates to student testing and reporting requirements.
  • Criminal records clearance and unprofessional conduct clearance.


Oak Park



Level of Education

4 Year Degree

Experience Level

2+ to 5 Years

Citizenship Required


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