Jan 30, 2020

Special Education Teacher Consultant

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Full time Teacher - Special Education

Job Description

Kensington Woods Schools is searching for a middle and high school Special Education Teacher Consultant for the remainder of 2019-2020 school year and beyond. A qualified candidate will possess a valid Michigan teaching certificate with an endorsement in special education in one or more areas (EI, LD and/or CI); applicants with additional certificates encouraged.

A qualified candidate will also possess:

  • A Master's Degree in Special Education or a field of study related to Special Education
  • Three years satisfactory teaching experience, including at least two years of teaching students with disabilities in a special education classroom
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Success with students who have academic and/or behavioral challenges
  • Effective classroom management skills

A Teacher Consultant at Kensington Woods will be expected to:

  • Manage special education caseload
  • Attend and participate in IEP, staff, and professional development meetings
  • Hold timely/annual IEPs
  • Effectively and consistently communicate with parents, students and staff regarding student achievement
  • Regularly track student grades
  • Collaborate with colleagues on implementing student accommodations
  • Deliver direct or indirect services for students as written on IEP
  • Ensure students are working toward meeting their IEP goals
  • Coordinate student evaluations
  • Conduct home or community visits if required due to a student's inability to attend school
  • Coordinate with School Social Worker and Speech Pathologist
  • Provide support to general education classroom teachers to whom special education students have been assigned

Kensington Woods is a small, personal, college-prep school for grades 6-12 in Livingston County, MI. Kensington Woods’ approach is student centered where students are expected and encouraged to excel. The school integrates the curriculum wherever possible and is developing new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) programs. The schedule supports project based learning, co-teaching, subject-area integration and staff professional development and collaborative planning. Students have an advisory class that monitors their progress and plans but also provides time for remediation, tutoring, extended learning, clubs and student leadership activities. The small size of the school results in an environment that is caring and open where students of all ages are comfortable and students and teachers develop strong relationships.

Teachers at Kensington Woods work closely together. Each Friday is an early dismissal for students and teachers work together at this time to plan units, discuss data and appropriate responses to it, monitor and adjust curriculum, and attend to student needs with regard to the learning environment. Teachers are encouraged to adopt leadership roles and to be innovative in their practice within a collegial and supportive environment. Teachers are provided with significant professional development that is supported by leadership. Kensington Woods is looking for teachers that possess the passion, knowledge, and skills to serve in a teacher role and be able to demonstrate a track record of success, including the ability to effectively:

  • Encourage and empower students to take ownership of their education
  • Commit to and engage in the Kensington Woods mission and vision
  • Plan challenging and engaging lessons and curriculum that aligns with the school mission and vision and helps students meet high academic expectations
  • Be an expert in your subject area
  • Be a reflective practitioner, open to continuous learning
  • Commit to the mindset that every student has the ability to succeed
  • Administer student assessments and use the resulting data to improve student learning
  • Empower students to be self-directed in establishing positive culture and climate
  • Engage in school improvement planning
  • Involve parents in setting learning goals and integrate parents into the learning processes
  • Actively engage in an organizational culture that relentlessly pursues excellence
  • Cultivate trust and respect with a diverse group of people
  • Work and plan collaboratively
  • Find new ways of doing things while still meeting high expectations
  • Lead extracurricular activities
  • Other duties as assigned

Find out more about Kensington Woods at our website, www.kwoods.org.

Interested applicants should send resumes and cover letters attention to Principal Markus Muennix.





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