Promise Schools

Our History
Promise Schools was created in 2013 with a specific mandate: to ensure all scholars can confidently pursue all of their life’s aspirations. This work is our purpose - to empower the pursuit of happiness. Access to quality education is the critical first step and the promise of opportunity is at the heart of the Promise School's identity. Every student, regardless of race, circumstance, and socioeconomic status deserves an opportunity to live this Promise.

We provide access to a quality college-prep education so that scholars have the skill and will to achieve their dreams and pursue their happiness in college or in whatever path they may choose.Today, the expanding Promise Schools network includes five schools, with approximately 170 team members supporting more than 2,000 scholars.

Each of those schools, Voyageur Academy, Voyageur College Prep, MacDowell Preparatory Academy, and Jalen Rose Leadership Academy represents another chapter in a success story still being written.