Jackson Preparatory & Early College

Imagine a new kind of school for your child.  Imagine a school where his or her personal learning style, talents, strengths and weaknesses are all considered in crafting an individualized education.  A school where learning is continuous and every student may advance at his or her own pace, with quality, personalized instruction and support.  Imagine a school designed to see every student succeed, finishing with not only a high school diploma but also a college associates degree.

That is the exciting new idea for education that is Jackson Preparatory & Early College!  Students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associates degree – tuition FREE!  We opened in the fall of 2014 and are located on the campus of Jackson College.

Students can earn a valuable credential while saving money and getting a head start toward their career or further study with Jackson College or other 4-year institutions.

Jackson Preparatory & Early College (JPEC) is a public school academy serving grades 6 through 13 in Jackson, Michigan.  We serve over 400 students and are located on the campus of Jackson College.

JPEC is unique in that we offer more exciting and innovative educational options for families than any school district in the Jackson area! Students are provided the opportunity to academically advance based on individualized paths through our competency based approach, and are supported to reach skill proficiency rather than socially promoted.  JPEC students are able to develop college and career readiness skills early on in our College Preparatory (grades 6-8), and focus on college course work and certification programs through our Early College (grades 9-13).  Students are afforded the opportunity to complete upwards of an associate degree, or 60+ college credits, as well as a high school diploma upon graduation at no cost to our families. 

Strong partnerships are also an important and valuable asset within our district. We value our connections with Jackson College and the Career Center as well as a long list of other committed partners that help bring a “real world” experience and advanced academic opportunities to our students.

We have highly qualified teachers, tremendous support staff, dedicated administrators, and a committed Board of Governors. We consider our community within our District to be our Falcon Family.  As such, our faculty and staff members build strong relationships with their students and our families.

Jackson Preparatory & Early College believes in the vision to be recognized as a world-class, personalized, small learning community, developing and implementing an environment that ensures success for all students in academics, on-time graduation, and college experiences.