Old Mission Peninsula School

Old Mission Peninsula School is a (Not for Profit) Charter school located in the heart Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan. Our school offers K through 6th grade school. For the 2019-20 school year we will be adding 7th Grade and the school year 2020-21 we will be adding 8th Grade.

We have a unique one of a kind school with frog pond, outdoor amphitheater, walking trails and sugar shack. Our school curriculum is Expeditionary Learning and Math in Focus. We are a school which offers smaller class sizes for our children.

Our vision: To provide a high quality Kindergarten to Grade 6 education, centrally located on Old Mission Peninsula, that utilizes the unique campus and the strength of the community to foster a comprehensive learning experience in a self-managed non-profit model.

Our mission: Provide an active, meaningful, and challenging educational community where learning is collaborative and accessible to all students and is focused on continuous academic improvement and social and character growth.